Famous Interns: Steven Spielberg

On this page we look at some famous interns who began their road to success from the bottom. They’ve made enough to be “plankin’ on a million” and in some cases, billions.

Steven Spielberg interned at Universal Studios at 17 years old.

Eager to learn and ingratiate himself, the young Spielberg interned 7 days of the week and shot his own short film, Amblin’, which he later named his production company after.
Impressing Universal executives with his talent and determination, they offered him a 7 year contract in their television division. The rest is History!

Famous Interns: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was also a famous intern who caught the attention of her local radio station as a teenager in Nashville Tennessee, for her talent in speech and drama.
This led her to an internship with a CBS affiliate which in turn led to a full-time anchor position. Oprah made it as the first ever female African-American news anchor of her time.
Moving on to a series of different talk-shows, Oprah secured her very own eponymous show in the mid 80′s, making her one of the most successful women in television history.

Famous Interns: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks took up a three-year internship at Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland.
Learning as much as he could about theatre, a young Hanks immersed himself in set design, lighting and stage management and gave up his University course to pursue his real passion.
He threw himself into theatre performances, then moved into film whilst living in New York. Hanks has forged an impressive movie career, receiving major critical and box-office acclaim and numerous Academy Awards

Famous Interns: P Diddy

P Diddy (Sean Combs), like Tom Hanks, gave up his College studies in Business Administration to pursue an internship at Uptown Records.
Determined and focussed, Diddy turned his internship into a talent director role, handling Mary J Blige and Jodeci’s careers.
He went on to set up his own highly successful record label, Bad Boy Records, which has mushroomed into Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group, encompassing a varied range of businesses including recording, music publishing, artist management, television and film production, recording facility, fashion and restaurants. And here’s his anthem.

Famous Interns: Tom Ford

Tom Ford left New York for Paris to take up an internship at fashion line Chloe, having studied an Architecture degree.
With his internship firmly under his fashion belt, Ford made his way to Gucci, where he became Creative Director. Over the next 10 years Gucci’s value more than doubled under Ford’s creative control, and was able to buy Yves Saint Laurent as a result.
Ford went on to set up on his own, opening his first store in 2005 and establishing a successful and highly popular fashion line all his own. All this before Jay Z name dropped him.