“A great insight into how hard it is to be an intern at a music television company”
Trevor Nelson – BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra

“A brilliant insight into a world I know all too well. A real page-turner”
Reggie Yates – BBC Radio 1

“A revealing and engaging account of taking those first steps into music television. Jay could be any number of people I have worked with. The Devil Wears Prada meets Entourage.”
Laura Whitmore – MTV

“An amazing read. The Intern was so reminiscent of our earlier years trying to make our way in the TV industry. It’s a brilliantly told story about getting ahead in the media world and would serve anyone aspiring to a career in this field. Dear intern, Rickie and Melvin salute you.”
Rickie H-Williams And Melvin Odoom – Kiss FM & T4

“A blast from the past. Takes me back to the good old days.”
Lisa Snowdon – Capital FM

“This serves a brilliant reminder to my own turbulent, terrifying, exciting, overworked and underpaid beginnings as an intern. But whether you’re in the industry, want to be, or just fancy a nose into the life and times, this is a page-turner of epic proportions. A fascinating read that stirs sonic memories of the early 00s, The Intern is a sharp insight into the world of work experience.”
Hattie Collins – RWD magazine

“The topic of internships is so current and Dillon has brilliantly captured the voice of a generation. I myself started out as intern, it’s the best way to get your foot in the door and a really great way to learn how to make an awesome cup of tea!”
June Sarpong MBE

“The Intern was like a time machine for me. The way Dillon has brought that era back to life and in doing so reminded me of what it was like to be an outsider looking in, hoping to hustle my way to the centre of the game is amazing. After reading it I wish I’d partied even more.”
Nihal – BBC Radio 1