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Within these pages, you can find more great stuff on The Intern book as well as it’s author, the trailer and ‘I Am The Intern‘ spoken-word poets. There’s also practical help and advice on ‘How To Make It’ in different industries with top tips and video advice from leading professionals.

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The Intern: Book

‘As I stood soaking it all in, my nerves were momentarily replaced by a rush of excitement:

I was at the heartbeat of music.’

Jay Merchant has landed an internship for the best job in music television. He has access-all-areas to the biggest VIP parties and the hottest celebrities all over the world. The velvet rope has been lifted – He has six months to turn his intern dream into a real job – but at what price?


Top-tips and advice from industry leaders

Getting on the first rung of the job market ladder can be hard, especially in an increasingly competitive world.We at The Intern have interviewed some very impressive industry heads to share their secrets on how to make it in their various fields. Watch our videos for useful guidance and top 5 tips from some fabulous names on how to get and make the most of your internships. If you like what you see, explore the rest of our HTMI videos to hear more valuable advice into different professions

  1. EVENTS – Paul Latham, COO Live Nation (International)
  2. AVIATION – Laurie Berryman, VP, Emirates Airline
  3. MUSIC – Nick Gatfield, CEO, Sony Music (UK)
  4. MULTIMEDIA – Geoff Sutton, GM, MSN (International)
  5. TELEVISION – Danny Cohen, Director of Television, BBC
  6. FASHION BUYER – Carmen Borgonovo, Fashion Director, My-Wardrobe.com
  7. STYLIST – Alexandra Fullerton, Fashion Director, Stylist Magazine
  8. ENTREPRENEUR – Alex Proud, Owner, Proud Group



A group of young and talented, award winning UK based poets wrote and performed spoken-word pieces on life as an intern, in collaboration with us here at The Intern.

Dean, Bridget, Harry, Jodi and Zia captured and portrayed the intern experience in different and refreshingly honest and humorous ways, inspired by themes from The Intern book. Check out their awesome videos!

Top Tips for CVs


Top Tips for Covering Letters


Top Tips for Interviews

“A great insight into how hard it is to be an intern at a music television company”
“A revealing and engaging account of taking those first steps into music television. Jay could be any number of people I have worked with. The Devil Wears Prada meets Entourage
“A brilliant insight into a world I know all too well. A real page-turner”
“A blast from the past. Takes me back to the good old days”
“An amazing read. It’s a brilliantly told story about getting ahead in the media world and would serve anyone aspiring to a career in this field”
“The Intern was like a time-machine for me. After reading it I wish I’d partied even more”